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Can You Apply for Naturalization Online?

Can You Apply for Naturalization Online?

By Julie Sparks in Uncategorized | on 2023-06-20 20:56:44

The short answer is yes, but there are a few things you should keep in mind as you decide whether to file online or not. It used to be that all petitions and applications to be filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had to be mailed in, but this has changed significantly. 

Now, the USCIS offers online filing for several of its immigration forms, including the N-400 Application for Naturalization. You can, therefore, apply online for naturalization – but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It is always beneficial to seek help from a citizenship attorney if you want to apply for naturalization.

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The Pros and Cons of Applying for Naturalization Online

When one mentions or hears about anything done online, efficiency and speed come to mind. This is generally true. It is far more efficient to order things online or, in this case, to file an immigration form online. Rather than finding the time to complete, print and take your naturalization application to the post office or courier service for delivery to USCIS, you can do all that in the comfort of your home or office.  

That is usually the only benefit of filing online. However, lost in that consideration is the fact that saving time and a couple of days by filing online often overlooks the time it takes overall to process the application. An application for naturalization takes several months to process, so the 2 days or so you may save by filing the application online may not make much of a difference in the end.

What matters and can make a difference in the overall processing time is making sure you have filed a properly filled-out application with accurate information and supporting documentation. Put another way, submitting an application online that is incomplete or has errors will result in the same rejection or delays no different than if you mailed in your application.

On the other hand, even if you file an error-free application, the application is stored electronically by USCIS. You have no means of saving a backup, and this may be problematic when preparing for your interview or even when you are at the interview, as you would not have a copy of your application to reference if necessary.

What a Naturalization Attorney Can Do for You

Many people get surprised when their application for citizenship is rejected or denied. This could be for any number of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is a poorly prepared and filed application. When you have an experienced naturalization attorney, such as we have at J. Sparks Law, you can rest assured that your application will not be denied on this ground. 

This is because we make sure that your application is properly filed, has all the required information, and has the supporting evidence to make it easy for the reviewing officer to approve it. In some cases, during our initial consultation with you, we may identify other more serious issues that could result in the denial of your application. We will advise you on the best way to resolve or address those issues ahead of time. 

An Austin Citizenship Attorney Can Help

If you are thinking about filing an application for naturalization, the legal team of J. Sparks Law, PLLC, is here to help you. Contact our office today and schedule your initial consultation to discuss your application and what we can do to help you.

Julie Sparks

Julie Sparks is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law, one of a few such attorneys in Texas. After 15 years of practice in this field, she has represented immigrants from more than 70 different countries.

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