Case Results

Immigration cases have a profound effect on you, your family, and your livelihood, which is why J. Sparks Law, PLLC in Austin, works hard to ensure your rights are protected and your best interests are at the forefront of everything we do. Because of this dedication, we have a long history of obtaining positive results for our clients. While no two cases are the same and no law firm can promise results, we offer a look into our past successes to see how we’ve handled similar situations. Call (512) 900-4774 to discuss your unique circumstances today.

  • Victim of Child Sexual Abuse Granted Asylum
    Child Sexual Abuse Victim Appeals for Asylum in Court

    After an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the immigration judge made a new decision and granted asylum to this victim and her child.

  • Client Released and Case Dismissed
    College Student Was Arrested for Possession

    An undocumented college student was arrested for possession of marijuana.

  • Deportation Case Terminated
    Deported Honduran National's Case Reopened

    Deportation order reopened and deportation case terminated for Honduran national ordered deported years ago.

  • Parole Awarded to Mother of Soldier
    Entered the U.S. Illegally

    Parole-in-place was awarded to the mother of an active-duty serviceman and she is now on the pathway to permanent residency even though she entered the U.S. illegally.

  • Asylum Granted
    Family Suffered Interrogation and Arrest in West Africa

    A family of 4 who suffered interrogation and arrest in West Africa were all granted asylum and are now on a pathway to citizenship.

  • Provisional Waiver Approved
    Foreign Husband Petitions for Provisional Waiver

    Provisional waiver approved for husband of U.S. citizen wife who suffers from depression.