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How Long Can Parents Stay on Visitor Visas in the US?

How Long Can Parents Stay on Visitor Visas in the US?

By Brian in Visas and Green Cards | on 2024-02-25 09:00:08

Once you’ve gained U.S. citizenship, you may want to invite your parents to spend time together. Your parents can use the B2 visa, which allows applicants to visit the U.S. to visit their family members and friends or for tourism.


The visitor’s visa, also called a tourist visa, is a non-immigrant visa classification that gives temporary access to people who wish to enter the U.S. 


If your parents gain entry to the U.S. using a tourist visa, they can stay for 180 days or six months. 


Consider speaking to a trusted Austin visa attorney to obtain legal support for your immigration needs.

Rules and Regulations for Using a Tourist Visa

Staying in the United States with a Tourist Visa


Here are a few things to note:

  • In specific cases, the United States Customs and Border Protection Officer may establish a period of stay that is likely to be shorter than six months.


  • If granted a stay up to 6 months, you can enjoy the visit for the entire duration even if you had indicated a shorter period during the interview.


  • It is ill-advised to exceed the date indicated with the stamp of your passport since you could be barred from re-entering the U.S. due to an unlawful presence offense.

Re-entering the United States With a Tourist Visa

The period in which a non-immigrant has to re-enter the United States on a tourist visa depends on how long they’ve stayed in the country.


Here are a few notes to take into account:

  • If their initial stay was 90 days or less, they may return to the country after leaving the U.S. for a maximum of 180 continuous days per year.


  • If they stay for over 180 days but less than a year, they may have to wait three years to re-enter the country on a tourist visa.


  • If you’ve been in the country illegally for over a year, you may have to wait ten years to re-enter on a tourist visa.


Even so, an experienced visa attorney can request an immigration waiver, allowing you to re-enter the country without waiting for the ban period.

Can My Parents Stay More than Six Months In the United States?

For a tourist to stay for more than six months on a B-2 tourist visa, they must complete Form 1-539, an application to extend or change nonimmigrant status. 


Extension of a tourist visa is limited to unique circumstances such as family mishaps, medical matters, or inability to fly or return to the country of origin.

Speak to an Experienced Austin Visa Attorney to Discover Your Options

If you feel the six-month period limits your parents’ stay in the United States, consider legal help to extend their visa or upgrade to permanent residency. Since most legal matters are complicated, an experienced Visa attorney can manage them on your behalf.


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