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What Is I-601a Processing Time After Biometrics?

What Is I-601a Processing Time After Biometrics?

By Brian in Immigration | on 2024-03-08 20:49:43

To apply for a provisional unlawful presence waiver, you must complete Form I-601A and submit it to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once the USCIS has approved your application, you can attend a green card application at your country of origin, U.S. embassy, or consulate.


The 1-601a processing time varies depending on the workload of USCIS at the time of submission. It generally takes 4-6 months to process a 1-601a waiver application. An applicant can request a faster decision on a provisional unlawful presence waiver per USCIS expedited guidelines.


A trusted Austin immigration attorney can provide legal guidance about the waiver request and handle your application.


How Long Does it Take to Process an I-601a Waiver?

It can take 4-6 months to process a 1-601a waiver application within the United States. It may take longer to obtain approval if you apply from another country. You will also need to submit biometric information and attend an interview.


The Department of State (DOS) estimates the applicant’s visa interview will take between 2-3 months after:

  • The DOS accepts the unlawful presence waiver
  • The applicant submits the necessary paperwork to process the unlawful presence waiver


A USCIS official may speed up your application under particular, unique circumstances. For example, if a lengthy wait is likely to affect a U.S. citizen’s family member or quality of life, the official may speed up the process.


What Happens After Approval of 1-601a Waiver Application?

A consulate of the U.S. embassy will provide you with information once the USCIS has approved your application. You will receive instructions on scheduling a new visa interview at the consulate or embassy.


Once you’ve received a notification of approval from the USCIS, the consulate will forward further information to you. The package usually arrives 1-2 days after USCIS approval. Contact the consulate if the package has yet to arrive within 30 days.


Applicants are allowed to schedule a visa interview online. However, if your most recent interview was conducted over a year ago, you may need to provide additional paperwork, such as a new medical exam and biometric information.


Does a 1-601a Approval Change Your U.S Legal Status?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security clearly states that an approval of a provisional unlawful presence waiver is not equivalent to a grant of a lawful immigration status or extension of a period of stay.


The approval doesn’t allow an alien to enter the United States without obtaining a visa or gaining temporary work authorization, nor does it protect aliens from removal, law enforcement action, or other immigration benefits.


Get in Touch With an Experienced Austin Immigration Attorney

The I-601A provisional waiver process is complicated, with a possibility of rejection or delay can affect your goals of living in the United States. It is, therefore, necessary to have an experienced attorney by your side for legal advice and support.


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