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Know Some Privileges of Becoming a US Citizen

Know Some Privileges of Becoming a US Citizen

By Julie Sparks in Immigration | on 2022-10-06 08:00:01

Becoming a U.S. citizen is the best move for you?

If you are a permanent resident who has fulfilled the naturalization requirements or is on track to fulfill them.  You’re probably wondering if seeking U.S. citizenship is the best move for you. Put simply, if you’re planning on living in the U.S. permanently, yes, becoming a U.S. citizen is the best move. U.S. citizenship offers many benefits that are not made available to permanent residents.

immigrants from 12 different countries become new U.S. citizens in a special naturalization ceremony on Flag Day at the historic Betsy Ross House.

Benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen:

  • The benefits of easier reentry and travel around the country. You’ll no longer need to fall in line with other green card holders just to enter a U.S. border. You can enjoy exclusive lines for U.S. citizens. In addition, you can travel without applying for a visa to many foreign countries. You can likewise ask for help from U.S. embassies in other countries should you need assistance in times of trouble.
  • Enjoy estate and tax planning benefits. Not only U.S. citizens but also green card holders are treated differently when it comes to estate and tax purposes. 
  • Green card renewals, no anymore! As a citizen, you won’t have to renew your green card every 10 years to prove your permanent resident status. 
  • No more risk of deportation or removal. U.S. citizens can’t be deported. Certainly, you have to keep in mind that your citizenship could be revoked. If the USCIS discovers that you lied to secure either your U.S. citizenship, your green card could be revoked.
  • No fear of losing your citizenship after long trips out of the country. U.S. citizens are free to spend years outside the country without fear of losing their status. On the contrary, green card holders can’t leave the country for more than 180 days, or they’ll lose their status.

Privileges of becoming a U.S. citizen:

  • The privilege to pass your citizenship status to your children. When you’re granted U.S. citizenship, your unmarried minor children will become citizens automatically as well. But they must be green card holders living in the U.S. and must be in your physical and legal custody. 
  • The right to vote and serve the country as an elected public official. All U.S. citizens can vote. However, while naturalized citizens are eligible for public office, they can only run for specific positions.
  • The privilege to apply for government employment and grants. Certain positions in federal, state, and local governments require U.S. citizenship. Likewise, a lot of federal scholarships and grants are only available to citizens. 
  • The privilege to petition more family members for immigration. Being a citizen gives you the right to petition more types of relatives than permanent residents. Besides a spouse and minor children, you can also petition your married children, parents, and siblings. 

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