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Do You Need a Deportation Defense Attorney?

Do You Need a Deportation Defense Attorney?

By Julie Sparks in Deportation | Immigration | on 2023-05-20 12:32:35

A deportation defense attorney from J Spark Law, PLLC helps you to face deportation situations. Unfortunately, many people who came to find better job opportunities now are facing deportation. 

Coming to the United States is a dream for many people across the globe. People believe life will be better for them if they successfully arrive in the U.S. Many are fortunate to get visas to come but later find themselves facing deportation. Those who enter without authorization can also face deportation proceedings

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Grounds for Deportation

Deportation or “removal” is a legal process where the government apprehends and tries to remove from the United States individuals who are found to be here illegally. Deportation and removal are used interchangeably in this article to describe the process. They mean two different things strictly speaking though the end outcome is always the same: removal or deportation.

To be lawful, however, the deportation must be carried out following due process accorded to those subject to deportation. For example, the government must provide the person they want to deport what is known as Notice to Appear (NTA). The NTA must clearly state what the charges or grounds for the deportation sought are and provide a date and place where the target of the deportation must report to respond to those charges.

Immigration Court

When one receives an NTA, one is usually directed to appear at a local immigration court. If they are free or otherwise not in custody, they will voluntarily come to court and will be given the opportunity to admit or deny the charges of removal in the NTA.

Being brought before an immigration court to defend against deportation is no small matter, and the process is no different than that of being accused of having committed a crime, so it is absolutely in your interest to retain the services of an experienced immigration lawyer who can help you possibly beat those charges.

If the NTA was issued to you after you were taken into custody by U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, then you likely have a high bond or no bond, meaning you can only be released from custody pending your removal hearing if you post the high bond, or not at all if you have no bond, meaning, you will be held in custody until your case is over, which can take years.

In either case, when you appear before an immigration judge for the first time to have your case heard, you will have an opportunity to ask the judge to either reduce the bond or set one if none was given before.

Again, defending against the deportation charges against you or making a case for reduction of bond is not something easily done. So you certainly would need a skilled deportation defense and appeals lawyer. They will make the best case for your release on a reasonable and manageable bond.

If your lawyer makes a successful case in lowering your bond or releasing you from custody. The next phase of the case is defending against the charges of deportation against you.

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